About European Tastees

Welcome to European Tastees, Salt Lake City's trusted destination for an unparalleled selection of European groceries. At the heart of Utah, our family-owned store is dedicated to bringing the rich and diverse flavors of Europe to your doorstep.

Our shelves are a mosaic of Europe's culinary treasures, featuring an extensive range of products from across the continent. From the hearty and robust tastes of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine to the aromatic spices of the Balkans, every item in our store tells a story of tradition and culinary artistry.

Explore the unique flavors of Moldova, Romania, and Poland, or savor the refined tastes of Latvia, Armenia, and the Czech Republic. Our selection also includes the classic staples of German and Austrian kitchens, alongside the vibrant and soulful offerings from Bulgaria, Georgia, and Hungary.

At European Tastees, we're more than just a grocery store; we're a vibrant cultural oasis offering a taste of Europe in the heart of the USA. Our store is a gateway to the rich traditions and flavors of the European continent, right at your doorstep."

Whether you're looking for a familiar taste from home or eager to explore new flavors, our carefully curated collection promises an authentic European shopping experience.

Join us on a culinary journey through Europe, where every aisle opens up a new world of flavors and every product is a reflection of the rich, diverse, and vibrant food culture of its origin.